Blow up the brain (a bit)


Photo: Kansas Central Library

We did two things in class today:

  1. continue to write the murder mystery story
  2. continue to work on the Design your own school project

Some students were on a roll with the murder mystery, but others were stuck on how to bring their inanimate characters to life. Maria and I decided that next lesson we would look at Michael Gerard Bauer’s story more closely, pointing out puns and personification, discussing how and why these worked, and why they were clever.

As far as the school design goes, we get the feeling that the boys need some sort of enormous earthquake to blow up their carefully constructed concept of what is possible. Seriously. We didn’t see any trace of the daring or the unusual in their plans for their ideal school.

What to do?

I decided to find visual examples of weird and wonderful buildings to spark the imagination. As always Twitter yielded results in a flash. I was tipped by @tasteach to look at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day for a list of unusual architecture.


Photo: the Crooked House by Hundertwasser

Here are the links I pulled out to inspire the boys:

Here are some interesting websites to inspire your building designs.
This one shows buildings shaped like food and food containers.

Have a look at The world’s most creative buildings

Have a look at the 20 most bizarre houses around the world

What about The world’s slimmest buildings

50 strange buildings of the world

More strange buildings of the world

15 beautiful buildings carved from living rock

8 of the best treehouses in the world

10 most creative appartment blocks

The world’s wildest houses

You could really get lost here; such creativity! I hope the boys will break free of their safe thinking.


One response to “Blow up the brain (a bit)

  1. Glad you found the resources useful!


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